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(WIP foreverrrr)

Name: Yuzuriha Inori
Canon: Guilty Crown (anime)
Age: 16
Appearance: Reference image! (This is also the outfit she arrived in.) Inori is fairly tiny--probably about average height for a 16 year old Japanese girl and very slim. She's small busted and has fairly narrow hips--very few curves to speak of. She has red eyes and pink hair--lighter at the roots and darker toward the ends, usually either in pigtails or loose with some decorative red hairpins. In canon she's described as "looking like a real-life CG character".

Abilities (before Powercap): Inori's a pretty amazing gunslinger and can hold her own in hand-to-hand combat. She's seen parkouring up skyscrapers and punting/gunning down redshirt armies single-handedly; perhaps unsurprisingly given that she's an operative in what's essentially a guerrilla terrorist organization.

She's also a really good singer.

Abilities (after Powercap): The powercap probably won't cut her down that much just because she's not very powerful to begin with--just an ordinary human with special training. Some of her agility might be capped and obviously pitiful human bullets will not be bringing down dozens of goons the way they do in canon.


  • A dumb robot who follows her around and is extremely protective of her.
  • This mysterious vial, which she will be keeping under tight wraps.

    Notes for the Psychics/Magically or Spiritually Sensitive: NOTHING OF PARTICULAR NOTE, though she is an amnesiac, so that would probably be obvious through mindreading. Also, according to canon metaphysics, the genetic manifestation of her heart is a huge fucking sword that shoots laser beams, so if that's somehow something that would ping you....

    Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Yes!

    My character can sense people's presence, can I sense yours?: If you are pinged by NORMAL HUMAN GIRL, then yes!

    Can I read your character's mind?: You can try :|a

    Kissing/Hugging/Other Non-Violent Contact: ALWAYS.

    Maim/Murder/Death: Just ping me first, but I love terrible things as a general rule, so PROBABLY.

    Cooking: Unless it's like. Onigiri. New canon tells me that the onirigi is, in fact, terrible.

    That's not to say she couldn't learn with practice! Maybe.

    Threadjacking: Go for it.

    Fourthwalling: POTENTIALLY.
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